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The Art of ZERO is here

Our two areas of expertise 

Become a Net Zero Builder

We can transform you and your business into a Net Zero home production powerhouse practically  over night. We will provide you with a turn key solution for homes, marketing, sales and most importantly, BUYERS! Only thing you have to do is to build the homes.

Not only will you be able to generate substantial incremental revenue, but you can also completely differentiate yourself from any and all competition in your area.  Do not waste another day thinking about it and reach out to us to find out how easy it can be to become a Net Zero home builder.

Pre-Construction Sell Out

Selling out projects pre-construction is difficult, if not impossible. However, the new revolutionary PowerscopeX marketing and sales platform has shown that pre-construction sales can be generated before the shovel hits the ground and even complete sell outs.

Furthermore, we can take a project in any stage of development, and determine directly with actual home buyers, what is the right floor plan and price point for the community.  PowerscopeX has unprecedented capability to determine the financial feasibility of a development project before the main capital investments take place.

We turn BUILDERS into NET ZERO experts

We can make any builder, developer or community and turn them into NET ZERO practically over night. We have a proven track record to make you and your project a success.

Net Zero Homes

We can take your existing home plans and turn them into high performance NET ZERO homes quickly and easily. You will be surprised how simple it is.

Project Viability

PowerscopeX is a next generation cloud based project feasibility, marketing and sales platform that can determine the financial viability of any project prior to development.


We have a proven track record in turning communities into financial success stories by offering and meeting the growing market demand with NET ZERO homes.

Increased Profits

Net Zero homes provide a unique advantage over any other home on the market today. They provide the home buyer a superior financial proposition while giving the builder substantially higher profit margins.

Faster Sellout

NET ZERO homes are in high demand. PowerscopeX can show this for you before substantial capital investments are made. It also allows you to generate pre-construction sales and substantially speed up the timeline to sell out.

No Competition

We all know that the first mover wins the race. Right now there is practically no competition for NET ZERO homes and communities. Thus, the time is NOW to become the leader and the authority in your area to offer NET ZERO homes.

You just build them. We do the Rest.


Net Zero Energy Homes

The high performance advantage

The NET ZERO Energy and the NET ZERO Electric homes are a reality. The times have changed where it no longer makes sense to build homes in a traditional way. The NET ZERO economics work for the builder, as well as for the home buyer. Paying for electricity is an absolute waste. The market is now demanding NET ZERO homes and communities. We can show you how to become a Net Zero home builder practically over night. Contact us today.


We will find out the financial feasibility of your development project before you begin the capital investments

PowerscopeX will provide exact feedback from home buyers to determine if your home plans are meeting their expectations and if your pricing is optimal for both the buyers and the builder. Only invest in home plans that are known to sell.

PowerscopeX can determine the financial feasibility of a project even if the land is still under contract to be purchased during the due diligence process. Do not pull the trigger until you know the right product, right price and exact absorption rates.

PowerscopeX can provide any land owner the most profitable project opportunity for the property. Regardless of the exit strategy, the PowerscopeX exact data will increase the value of the project well before the development begins.

New NET ZERO communities are going up fast

There are thousands of NET ZERO homes going up in different communities from California to Florida.

Here are some examples.

Tuscany Preserve

Eco Home Village, FL

74 Net Zero Energy Townhomes starting at $179,000 in Kissimmee, FL.

Carlisle Grand

Net Zero ECO Homes, FL

78 Net Zero Energy single family homes starting at $235,000 in Poinciana, FL.

Casa Verde

EcoVillage, CA

166 Net Zero Electric single family homes starting at $239,000 in Bakersfield, CA.

Westcliffe Estates

Net Zero Homes, FL

42 Net Zero Energy single family homes starting at low 300's in Port St Lucie, FL.

Contact us today

to get your project started. Don't Wait!


Every new home in the United States will be a Net Zero Home.

It is not matter of yes or no. It is just matter of when.

Nothing else compares

Net Zero elements save more money every month than they cost.


​​​​​​​$200 a month savings equals $40,000 in mortgage. This means that the savings from Net Zero home substantially exceed the costs of the high performance home elements. Every new home built today should be a Net Zero home.


Many Net Zero home communities are being sold out pre-construction. The demand for high performance homes is growing every day as they are becoming more available to public.


What if you could do all this?

What if it was possible for you to find out exactly the type of homes you need to build and the exact price point you need to sell them to maximize profitability regardless of the stage of yor project?

What if all that was possible?


PowerscopeX marketing and sales platform is fully deployed to take any project to market place at any point in the pre-development schedule to learn from actual home buyers what it is that they want to buy. Hard data provides facts and not assumptions.


It is never too late to execute the PowerscopeX platform to guarantee the highest and fastest return on your investment into a residential community. Even if your model homes are already up, we can make a big difference on your bottom line.


We might not be able to call it an Eco Home VIllage anymore, but we can maximize your profitability for the remaining homes to be built in your community. Adding Net Zero ECO Homes to your community will increase margins and accelerate sell out.


Send us a message or give us a call to talk about your project, community development or land acquisition today.

Project Size

No project is too small or large for utilizing the PowerscopeX platform.

Price Point

From affordable housing to waterfront mansions...anything goes.

Home Type

It does not matter if your project is for townhomes, single family homes, duplexes, condos or anything else.

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1-800-700-6200 - Call us at anytime to talk about your project and how we can make it a financial success immediately.


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